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 Our goal is to help find you just the right home for you to lease. We will then guide you through the application process in hopes to get you approved and moved in to your home. We hope to provide you with a great overall experience!

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Tenant Portal Access

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If you have already moved in and are trying to access your portal you can do so by clicking below. Here you will be able to access your account, open a repair request, give us a 30 day notice and communicate with use directly. Your requests will go directly to the representative on call to provide you the quickest response. 

Follow the Cleaning Checklist

When ready to move out...

  • Make sure not to leave personal property behind whether garbage or usable without owner permission.
  • Clean all closets, doors, frames, door tracks, baseboards, switch plate cover, plug covers, light fixtures, air conditioners, heaters, above cabinetry, and clean AC filter.
  • Clean drapery rods if applicable.
  • Check walls and wash down walls unless painted with flat paint. All touch up paint needed must be a professional paint match and done by a professional. Any mismatched paint or improperly patched holes will be redone and charged to the tenant.
  • Clean windows inside and out as well as sliding tracks. Make sure screens are clean and dusted off, brush off cobwebs from interior and exterior of home.
  • Make sure the garage, balconies and patios are clean and swept (clean oil spills).
  • Make sure cabinets are cleaned and oil wood surfaces when appropriate. Interior, exterior and above cabinetry to be dusted and cleaned.
  • Clean fireplace, if applicable
  • Clean and dust off blinds or any window treatments in the home, if applicable.
  • Make sure the front and back yard are in good condition. Yard is required to be watered following city requirements during drought time. It must be kept mowed and maintained (trimmed). Make sure shrubs are trimmed, weeds are gone, trees are pruned and edges are maintained. Must be ready for professional marketing pictures. Any dead plants or grass must be replanted prior to move out.
  • Carpet needs to be professionally cleaned at residents expense and must have a receipt as proof. This must include a pet treatment if any pets reside in the home (must show proof on receipt).
  • Smoke damage by any reason is not considered ordinary wear and tear to any part of the dwelling. Tenant will be responsible for any smoke damage/cleaning necessary.
  • Clean all appliances, burners, drip pans, and refrigerator, if applicable.
  • Clean countertops, back-splash, knobs and all cabinets
  • Make sure all light bulbs are functioning, no burnt out light bulbs must be left. Light fixtures must be clean including fans.
  • Clean floors throughout the house.
  • Clean shower doors, mineral deposits and soap build up from bathrooms. Clean mirrors, tub, toilet and showers.
  • Clean the house from any odors. Any odors at the home may be subject to a $150 ozone treatment for odor removal.
  • Must check out by 5:00PM, please leave garage remotes inside a kitchen drawer along with any other personal items received. Call the property manager for placement of keys at exit.

*Tenant residents may request a walkthrough prior to move out. Please make sure to notify property manager at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled move out day.*

*Any items left undone will be deducted from tenants initial deposit to cover cost of the fix plus any minimal trip fees charged by contractor if applicable *

FAQ About The Property You are leasing

Got Questions?

We use a client portal in order for the on-call representative to instantly receive your message, produce an efficient plan and proceed with assessment in a timely manner. The next representative on call can then take over from reading the chain of notes and will be able to see the latest progress. This system also allows us to more accurately pass on the exact message to the owner without leaving any information out.

At move-in you will have the opportunity to fill out and turn the move-in form back in to us within 24 hours. It is important that you write down any concerns on this move-in form and turn it back in to us right away and this way you will not get charged against it from your deposit funds at move-out so long as the property gets turned back within the same condition, minus common wear and tear. We ask that you provide us with a picture of each of the noted concerns so that we are able to properly confirm it.

Yes, there is and you should have been provided with one alongside your lease documents that could have more specific information pertaining to the property you are leasing and possible additional items that we will be looking for

Once the issue is assessed by the repair person then it will be assigned as “tenant responsibility” or “landlord responsibility” and billed appropriately according to the final determination by the company addressing the repair issue. Landlords will not be expected to make any repairs or address any cosmetic issues unless they choose to do so or if they fall into the “Health and Safety” California law requirement of habitability. Either way, you will be provided with an update as we investigate each request.

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