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Are you ready to buy your home in the Fresno, California area? Our staff of licensed real estate agents will assist you in every step of the process so you will not have to worry about what comes next. If your home is outside of an area we service, then we are happy to still help by interviewing out of the area agents in order to help you select a highly qualified agent to team up with.

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We realize every buyer hasĀ  a different wish list and we are excited to help find just the right home for you!

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The buying Process

Finding Out Your Needs

During this initial consultation we will talk about what is most important to you. Perhaps you want a certain location, school district, bedroom count etc.


It is critical for us to obtain a pre-approval or proof of funds for your file in order to have it ready to start making offers. We can help you set up a consultation with a loan officer if still needed at this point.

Listing Recommendations

At this point you will start receiving listing recommendations that match your criteria or have other bonuses that might fit your needs. You will let us know what your favorites are and we will set up appointments to show these homes to you.

Making an offer

Once you have that feeling of excitement and wish to proceed on buying a certain home, we will put an offer together and cross our fingers in hopes that it gets approved. Often times negotiations might go back and forth until an agreement is met. We love negotiating!

Escrow and Closing

Once an offer is approved escrow will open. You will then turn in your earnest money deposit and begin your period of inspections, appraisal and making sure the loan officer has everything needed to close on the loan. Once all this is completed and you are happy with the condition of the home then we will proceed to close and get you keys. Big day!

Set Up a Free Consultation

Give us a call at 559-400-5011 and let us know your plans, what you would like in a home etc. We are happy to guide you in the right direction and look forward to helping you find your housing needs whether you are a first time buyer or a repeat buyer, we are here for you!

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